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PokerStars joins forces with Poker Power

November 4, 2022

PokerStars has signed a partnership with women-led organization Poker Power. The duo will launch together is a poker boot camp aimed at women with a keen interest in the game who want to strengthen their skills and evolve their experience. This is a key part of PokerStars’ commitment to the growth of the game and to supporting women in poker.

The news also follows recent research that has highlighted the stark gender gap still within the game – with just 4% of the 100 million players in the world being women. The goal of the partnership is to help women build their confidence and skills in the game as part of a stream of activity focused on highlighting women in poker and presenting more opportunities both for women already active within the community, and for women who would like to be a part of it. The four-week boot camp will see novice women players around the globe learn gameplay skills that translate to real world success including negotiation, strategic decision-making and capital allocation. The curriculum will include practice sessions on Poker Powers’ teaching app, Poker Power Play, as well as specialized tournaments and home games at PokerStars. Modules are tied to themes of confidence, boldness, determination, perception and discipline.

“We’re incredibly excited to join forces with such a progressive organization like Poker Power. They are the perfect partner to collaborate with on this project as the work they do with women in poker transcends the gaming table – their programs teach skills of strategy and leadership that can be applied to the boardroom and beyond”, said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Director of Partnerships, PR and Consumer Engagement. “Despite some great progress over the years, we know there’s still a long road ahead to make poker more inclusive, but a lot can be done when we row in the same direction together. We also know women-only events and activities are not for everyone, but we’ve listened to players and this is one of many activities we have planned that comes from direct feedback. These boot camps are an essential first opportunity to pique interest in women who have never played the game before and to motivate those that play poker, to continue to evolve their skills and gain confidence at the tables. We’re committed to making poker as inclusive and accessible for everyone and it’s our mission to create equal opportunities and a safe space for the poker community.”

Erin Lydon, Managing Director, and General Manager of Poker Power added: “We are honored to be working with PokerStars on this milestone project. PokerStars shares our strategic mission and vision for the future of women in poker – and it’s thrilling to curate a special boot camp with PokerStars that will encourage more women to join this amazing sport. Our mission at Poker Power is to teach one million women business and life skills through the game of poker. Our four-week course will not just teach women about poker but equip them with important life skills that can be applied to business, parenthood and general life. I hope through this partnership, we can create more opportunities for women, and that perceptions of poker will begin to shift and more women will feel empowered and safe to step up to the gaming table.”



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