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GGPoker launches Poker Integrity Council (PIC)

July 10, 2022

GGPoker has launched the Poker Integrity Council (PIC), which will spearhead an industry-wide effort to protect the integrity of poker by investigating allegations of cheating, conducting fair reviews and enforcing sanctions for the most egregious cheaters. The council is composed of well-respected community members, who will independently investigate suspicious behavior flagged at GGPoker tables.

Composed of Jason Koon, Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lictenberger, Feder Holz, Seth Davies – Run It Once and Nick Petrangelo – Upswing Poker, the PIC will follow the same process for each case: detection of suspicious behavior such as collusion, botting, use of real-time assistance or ghosting; review of the relevant hand histories; and ruling by voting on whether or not disciplinary action is required. Should disciplinary action be warranted, this can include the player being warned about their behavior, their account being suspended or permanently banned by GGPoker, and a permanent ban combined with confiscation of funds. In addition, in the most serious cases, a decision can be made to add the player to an industry blacklist. GGPoker’s PIC has allied with the industry’s biggest live poker tours and venues, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), Triton Poker, Poker After Dark, Kings Casino, Asian Poker Tour (APT) and many more. With the inception of the Poker Integrity Council, GGPoker can review the status of players previously blacklisted from the online poker room upon their request, and in certain circumstances remove or reduce the bans currently enforced.

“I joined GGPoker with an important objective in mind; to help the GGPoker team make their poker games more secure and fair than ever,” said Jason Koon, GGPoker Integrity Ambassador. “It’s an honor to launch the Poker Integrity Council and take another massive step in ensuring online poker is safe for all players. Our long list of allies also means that the wider community will be better protected via the industry-wide blacklist; we’re sending a united message that there’s no place in this game for cheaters.”



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